Faculty Overview

Beykent University’s Faculty of Communication was founded in 2008. The aim of the Faculty is to educate students who are able to perceive the world and their own country with a wide perspective, and who produce, analyse and question, and have high ethical values.

In our Faculty, which is very well aware of the new generation communication and presents far-reaching courses, students will be able to have the skills of “understanding, analysing, and using” with the help of theoretical and practical courses.

Our students explore their creative side, improve it, and gain experience in our studios and Mac Labs equipped with advanced technological infrastructure.

Besides, our students will have a rich CV, acquire knowledge which will pave their professional way, and develop their cultural and social environment by attending seminars, events, and workshops held by the University throughout the academic year.

Normally, the medium of instruction in the Faculty is Turkish. However, there is an option of receiving education in English in the Department of New Media.