A Message from Head of Department

The Department of Media and Communication aims at educating qualified personnel to satisfy the needs of communication sector led by its change and development. Our department’s purpose is to educate equipped and competent students for media sector to carry out fulfilments of new communication world especially of the social media.

We, as the Department of Media and Communication, aim at educating media literates and communicators who have the ability to analyse communication processes and who follow and apply new communication technologies. To this end, the curriculum of our department will be structured in a way that it includes both theoretical and practical courses so that the students can realize social and technological changes. Thus, our graduates can work in every position in media sector by using communication technologies efficiently, and also they can be capable academic personnel with the ability to analyse media processes.

The medium of instruction of the Department of Media and is Turkish. English Prep. School is optional.

Prof. Mine Demirtaş
Head of Media and Communication Department