Programme’s Message

Opening the Department of Digital Game Design in the Fall Term of the Academic Year 2021-2022, Beykent University’s Faculty of Communication, Beykent University’s Faculty of Communication stands out in this field of study.

The increase in the number of mobile platforms and creative and fast-moving online contents, and their influence on communication has brought digital gaming to prominence. Therefore, considering the potential growth and marketing of the game industry has increased the need for creative and innovative digital game designers in this competitive industry.

Students at the Department of Digital Game Design will have the opportunity to meet other sectors including digital media, cinema, television, and engineering with the help of digital technology, take courses in the basics of game design, 2D and 3D digital art, computer applications in design, game engines, game development, digital game and cinematography, picture and sound editing, character design, and gaming economy, and do internships in their field of study.

We wish our students to achieve both countrywide and worldwide success in the digital gaming sector with the potential to become one of the most prominent sectors in terms of communication and employment opportunities as it is today.

Asst. Prof. Eray DİNÇ

Head of Digital Game Design Department