A Message from Head of Department

Using mass communication techniques, the Department of Television Reporting and Programming aims at educating students who have a high professional and social consciousness and strengthening their sense of responsibility in the light of professional ethics.

Our department which started to accept student in 2011 – 2012 Academic Year adopts an education environment and format to teach both theoretical and practical lessons and also have opportunities for students to use technical infrastructure.

With the activities and Social Clubs organized by the department, students are expected to have different skills, use their personal skills, think critically, find creative solutions to the problems and communicate effectively.

Our curriculum includes not only theoretical courses such as Media Law, Communications Theories, Media and Politics, New Media Technologies, Social Media but also practical courses such as Sound and Light Design, News Language and Diction, Video and Sound Editing, Television News and Program Authorship, Production and Directing Television. With these lessons we expect our students to become a good television reporters and programmers in terms of knowledge, culture levels and technical and professional expertise after four years of education.

The medium of instruction in our department is Turkish. English Prep. School is optional.

Prof. Nazan ALİOĞLU
Head of Television Reporting and Programing Department