A Message from Head of Department

With the developments in communication technologies and systems, knowledge become reachable in every minute and every place while creating new communication portals which lead economic, political, social and cultural changes globally. We need new specialties who will play active role in these changes and who will direct and analyse these changes. To satisfy these needs, Beykent University, Faculty of Communication opens its “New Media” department. Our New Media undergraduate programme aims at educating creative media specialists who are competent in technical and aesthetic language of new media tools, who can use visual-auditory and interactive media fields and also who are aware of their ethical responsibilities.

Our students can have knowledge perspective with variety of theoretical and practical lessons including subjects such as online journalism, digital publishing, e-government applications, social sharing networks (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs etc.) and they also evaluate cultural and social life critically. With their knowledge and skills obtained throughout their academic life, our students can work in many different fields in communication sector such as online journalism, advertising, mobile marketing and social media.

The medium of instruction in our department is English. English Prep. School is compulsory.

Prof. Gökhan UĞUR

Head of New Media (EN) Department