A Message from Head of Department

As a result of the rapid transformation and digitalization of communication environments; there is a need for new media professionals who can play an active role to analyze and manage this transformation. Established for this purpose, Beykent University New Media Department aims to bring together theoretical and hands-on training to enable our students to effectively produce content in the new media area. Our department hosts courses for various areas of the new media such as Digital Public Relations, Digital Journalism Studies, Digital Media Arts, and our students have the opportunity to progress in the field they are interested in with elective courses. 

Our students can analyze the effects of new technologies on social, political, and cultural life with the theoretical education they have acquired within the department and they can make strategic decisions in new media management. Besides, our students who have become well-equipped in social media analysis, internet journalism and digital content management with the hands-on training they have received using current technologies; they can produce original content based on text, audio and video in the new media environment, and specialize in effectively presenting the content they produce. 

Our students, aiming at an academic career, become communication scientists of the future by participating in communication research with our successful academic staff. With our education approach focused on teamwork, internship opportunities, and collaborations in the media field, our students have the opportunity to work in many fields existing in the digital media industry.

The language of education of the New Media Department is Turkish. English preparatory education is optional.


Asst. Prof. Alper DEĞERLİ
Head of New Media (Turkish) Department